When will you know if "Return of the Necrowizard" is definitely going ahead?
we are planning on recording it monday.

How many copies are likely to be issued?
i don't know yet

Do you know when the Self Titled + Return of the Necrowizard CD will be released?

Do you have any plans for the new songs? (Will they sound the same as the first album? Do you have plans to have any lyrics apart from the odd "Satan" or other terrifying words? etc.)
it will be the same as the last one, we will record some stuff on the spot,
no rehearsal, and make up the songtitles later.

The song titles from the first album were hilarious, as well as being invertedly scary, do you have any ideas for new song titles? (eg. Will they be even more scarier and hilarious?)
of course they will be scary!!!! we are also mysterious and suspenseful (sp?), as well as grim and frostbitten, and cold. only the necrowizard knows the real songtitles in advance......

Will the Return Of The Necrowizard include the song with many variations of "Abazagorath" in its song title?
yes, of course.

Plans for a second 7" were made as early as November 2002 (judging by the news section at sethputnam.com), why did it take so long for anything to eventuate?
being scary, frightening, horrifying, terrifying, and scary doesn't just happen overnight. the necrowizard doesn't jump through hoops, he is a very very very very very very very very very very very very patient necrowizard. no one knows what will happen deep in the impaled forest when the necrowizard is in the impaled northern moonforest.  NO ONE.......

Will Impaled Northern Moonforest be touring any time soon, or after the release of Return of the Necrowizard?
we are far too mysterious to divulge such information. check www.sethputnam.com for upcoming engagements

How much money do you think you will make from album sales & shows?
at least a couple of bucks.

Do you have any ideas for the album cover?
It will be a drawing of the necrowizard, with the i.n.m. logo.

What do you think of the idea of making a comic book or strip based on characters from Impaled Northern Moonforest songs?
that's a very grim & frostbitten idea.

Do you have any ideas for new characters that might be included in new song titles?
you will have to wait until the drunk & cracksmoking minds have thought of them.

What do you think of the idea of doing more albums after Return Of The Necrowizard?
only the necrowizards grim & frostbitten crystal ball REALLY knows................

Do you enjoy recording music and playing shows as Impaled Northern Moonforest?

This is a bit of a dumb question but do you think Impaled Northern Moonforest will turn out like Anal Cunt - treating the band as a joke at first but still releasing albums 15 years later?
it's possible. I.N.M. rarely plays or records, so it won't be the full time
burden anal cunt was. it's still fun to do. by this time along, anal cunt
was a chore, and unfun, probably more grim that i.n.m. is.

Can you think of any more info/necrorumours etc. that I should know about?


grimly and frostbittenlyish,