Below is Grim & Frostbitten News from days of yore, restored from that most ancient Norwegian site,, via archaeological cyber-excavation with the magik Wayback Machine.  There were entries after 17 May, 2006, but those records seem lost-- if you possess those and would like to have them added, hail the ABM Gestapo or the Grim Legion.









Sunday, 17th May 2006
The forums are gone and they're not coming back. The guy I own with decided to delete them without my knowing, and I've come to agree with his decision. I think the fact that we created a community out of nothing, and around an obscure subject like Impaled Northern Moonforest was really cool, and I think some of the stuff we acheived (like bringing INM out of obscurity, Grim Records (the idea of it anyway), creating the Acoustic Black Metal scene, etc) was really cool, but in the end the forums became an uncorrectable cesspool of hate, elitism and mindless stupid abuse. My absense from the forum is testament to the fact I no longer wanted to be involved in that (plus I just got bored of it), and I've come to the point where I don't want to sponsor or support that kind of thing any more. Not that there were many ancients left on the forum, but I've heard the ancients that were are glad the forums are gone. For historical purposes, I've left the forums online but locked, meaning you can't post anything, only read what's already been posted. For those of you who weren't "trve" enough to make it into the inner circle, you'll be surprised to find there was a forum called "The Necropolis" that was hidden from everyone except the Acoustic Black Metal Gestapo. Lord Leper Satani has created some new forums, and has posted the following message on it:

One thing that is allso very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very grim, is that INM will be even more underground and Trve from the day the new site is launched, because allmost none know about it! :[

With that being said, I'm not going to tell you where they are. Hail the necrowizard, and good health to you all.

Sunday, 9th April 2006
Go and watch some birds.

Wednesday, 7th December 2005
Norwegians everywhere rejoiced this week as a new generation of admins and moderators seized control of the Impaled Northern Moonforest forums. Long time forum regulars Morbid Thor, Inverted Blasphemous Yeti and (the most ancient of all) Kommando Grimvile 666 are now admins of the forum, may their reign be long and blasphemous!

Friday, 20th September 2005
Normally if someone sends me something for the "fan stuff" page I pretty much ignore it, but this one was so awesome I actually put it on the fan stuff page. It's a music video for Return of the Necrowizard, which the author tells me was blammed by the posers at Newgrounds! Check it out!

Friday, 27th May 2005
Mp3 downloads are back. GRARRAR!

Friday, 20th May 2005
The forums have been back for a few days now, and the mp3 downloads are temporarily disabled while we at try to figure out why our bandwidth is so large. Go make some terrifying ABM to fill the gap. They should be back within about a week.

Wednesday, 13th October 2004
It's currently the middle of spring in the southern hemisphere (where I live), but yesterday it snowed a most blasphemous necroblizzard! There was snow and frost everywhere, and there were shivering posers as far as the eye could see. Hail the Necrowizard!

Tuesday, 27th April 2004
Seth posted this in the forums recently:

i will be bringing my recording equipment to the inverted lair of of the necrowitch (where i have been lurking lately) later today. the recent hot and ungrim weather around here has angered me, and reminded me that "return of the necrowizard" hasn't been finished yet. i hope to get it done by the end of the week.

This is very grim!! Hail the necrowizard!

Monday, 8 th March 2004
I had a quick chat with Lee from MTS Records about whether Anal Cunt and other MTS bands are going to contribute to the INM tribute and he said that they forgot about the tribute cuz they've been so busy, and will talk with everyone concerned and let me know, so watch this space (grimly).

Saturday, 6 th March 2004
Long time no update. Just so you know, a lack of updates on this page doesn't mean I've forgotten about this site, and it doesn't mean that nothing Impaled Northern Moonforest related is happening. There is a grim, frostbitten and loyal throng of Impaled Northern Moonforest fans who visit the forums on a regular basis (often every day), and we always make newcomers feel welcome (in a grim, Satanic manner, of course) so come & discuss grimness with us. Since my last update much has happened. There is now an Anal Cunt forum in the forums section. The tribute album is nearly finished; there are enough songs, a cover has been drawn and CD production and promotion is planned. We are just awaiting the grim inverted blasphemy of the Anal Cunt song Seth Putnam (of AC and INM) has promised us. I haven't heard anything more from MTS records, so I don't know if they are still submitting songs or not. Emails that have been sent to MTS and Seth have gone unanswered, so the tribute might have to go ahead without them, which would be very unfortunate. We haven't given up on them yet. Seth and Lee of MTS, please contact us soon!

Also new and grim is Grim Records! For those of you who don't know who Grim Records are, they are a record label formed by Himgrimner and Stab-Me-Til-I-Cum from the forums at this website. The official Grim Records website was "launched" on the 24th of February, and already releases besides the INM tribute are being planned. Acoustic noise/death bands Acoustic Mayhem and Nocturnal Blasphemy will be recording a split album, as will ÖRGH and Necro Satanic Kvlt Lord. All these bands are formed by people of the forums. Grimbecile, another acoustic noise forum dweller will be releasing an EP sometime this year, but I don't know if it will be release by Grim Records.

The Return Of The Necrowizard 7" still isn't finished, and probably won't be for another 666 years. I'm fairly sure Seth just needs to record the vocals. Because it will take so long for anything to happen, Seth suggested a while ago that the RotN song be released as a single on 12" format, but nothing has been said about that idea for some time.

This is all the news I can think of. For more INM news, check out the forums. Stay grim :[

Tuesday, 9th December 2003
The Impaled Northern Moonforest tribute album is getting grimmer by the day, with various bands signed to Menace to Sobriety Records interested in submitting songs, and a few more considering the idea!! Click here to see the discussion in the forum.  (3 January, 2007:   Sadly, the link given here no longer exists, and the information appears lost to the necroyetis)

Wednesday, 19th November 2003
I have posted pictures of my (Seth Putnam drawn(!!)) Impaled Northern Moonforest T-Shirt! You don't want to miss this: Seth drew the necrowizard on the shirt! The pics are in the "fan stuff" section.

Monday, 10th November 2003
Beware posers, the necrowizard has returned! If you can contain even your most subtle of poser tendencies, consider going to the Downloads section and downloading the new Return of the Necrowizard mp3.

Saturday, 8th November 2003
Forum regulars Himgrimner and Stab-Me-Til-I-Cum announced today the formation of the Grim Records label. Grim Records will release an Impaled Northern Moonforest tribute album with songs being submitted by INM fans. A page dedicated to Grim Records will be up shortly. If you are a fan of INM and could throw together a very scary acoustic black metal song or two (no more than two), let Himgrimner and Stab-Me know. The thread is here.   (3 January, 2007: Sadly, the link given here also no longer exists, and this information appears likewise lost to the necroyetis)

Thursday, 6th November 2003
I've finally put up the fan stuff that has been submitted to me. Sorry it took so long, but I've been a tad busy lately. It's all very grim and scary, go view it now!

Tuesday, 21st October 2003
There is a new forum! It's the grimmest thing I've seen all day! All the old topics are gone, so tell all the grim people you know to go there and say stuff. I would have had it up sooner but I was waiting for the Return Of The Necrowizard 7" to be released, but then it got delayed indefinitely and the people of the old forum were getting restless so I put up a new forum anyway.

Tuesday, 31st September 2003
I'm afraid I have some very ungrim and luke warm news - Return of the Necrowizard won't be out by Halloween and Impaled Northern Moonforest's glorious return has been postponed (they won't be playing on the first of November as originally planned). The reasons for this are unforseen problems like Seth being way too busy to do anything. But (!) in the very same email Seth said, "i might try and finish the impaled n.m. vocals tonight if i'm not too tired", so don't give up hope.

Monday, 15th September 2003
This news is a few days old, but this site has moved to a new host! There have been no real changes in the site, but all the songs are up again, and I've taken the counter off. A friend of mine will be making something soon so that when I post updates the dates will always be correct. At the moment I have to change the date manually (by typing it in) and sometimes I forget to do that and you get a few news posts that appear to be posted on the same day but they actually aren't (like the three below this post). Anyway, pretty soon I'll be getting a copy of the song "Return of the Necrowizard" from the upcoming 7" of the same name, and I'll be putting it on here for download! Seth from INM reckons I'll get it around a week before the first of October (which is around the 24th of September), so check back here around then for some pure evil impaled necroblasphemous cacophony. Just to recap on some Return Of The Necrowizard info: It's supposed to be being released on the 1st of November at a show in grim Colorado (US). All the song titles will be in Norwegian, but will be in English for all the posers out there. It will be Impaled Northern Moonforest's SCARIEST album yet, and it will have a very small printing (300 at max) so don't wait to buy it after it's released, get it as soon as possible. You'll be the envy of all the true Norwegian black metallers in your town and the bane of all the poser Dimmu Borgir fans at the same time!!

Friday, 1st August 2003
The counter is being dumb, it's meant to be 3000+ but it keeps resetting itself so I'll just leave it how it is.

Friday, 1st August 2003
This site is continuing to chew up my host's bandwidth so I've temporarily taken down all the songs except for one. When I move this site to a new host (which will be soon) all the songs will be available for bandwidth. I'm really sorry about this.

Friday, 1st August 2003
I'd just like to extend a very very very very very very very very very fucking grim and profuse apology for this site not being available for the last few days. It was caused by too many Impaled Northern Moonforest mp3s being downloaded (really). I will be moving this site to a new host and that ghastly problem should never happen again. The forum is now working as well.

Saturday, 26th July 2003
Seth posted a message on the forum not too long ago saying that he went to record the vocals for Return Of The Necrowizard, but the record button on his four track didn't work. Who is responsible for this ghastly abomination, nobody knows, but it does mean that the new Impaled Northern Moonforest album will probably be finished very very very very very very very soon! For reasons unknown, the forum isn't working (as of me writing this). Hopefully they will be working soon, so go check them out anyway. I encourage you to go to and download Anal Cunt's Side 1 of the 5,643 song EP, it's the grimmest, most scariest thing I've ever heard.

Thursday, 17th July 2003
An inverted not so new necrorumours about the new album (I've had technical difficulties that prevented me from posting earlier): All the song titles will on the new album will be in Norwegian! They will also be in English for all the posers out there. Return of the Necrowizard will be released on the 1st of November. has a link to this site, and I am very happy about this. Also I encourage everyone who comes here to go say something on the forum, they won't get popular if everyone waits for them to become popular before they post. There is currently a thread about a possible competition (in which you could win some very very very very very very very very very very very very grim guff), and there's a grimness battle to see who is the grimmest person ever (and some other threads).

Thursday, 26th June 2003
I've just put a grim and frostbitten forum on this site! Go post something now or the northern impaled necrowizard will reave your soul.

Wednesday, 25th June 2003
Return of the Necrowizard is nearly complete - the music is finished and all that remains to be done now is the recording of the vocals and the second Impaled Northern Moonforest album will be completed! When it is completed, Seth will be sending me an MP3 from the new album, and it will appear here before anywhere else!! (It will be before the release of RotN, and before a copy is put on!!! Also appearing on (and here possibly) eventually is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very scary live video of Impaled Northern Moonforest!

Monday, 23rd June 2003
I've just added a counter, which I've started at 1400 (an owner of my host told me that without a counter on my site there is no way of knowing how many people have really been to my site, but she did say that has received around 1400 hits from Sweden, Norway & surrounding countries since I made this site!). Alas, no more news about INM's new album yet, but I'll write more news as soon as I get it.

Thursday, 5th June 2003
I just received a very scary email (from Seth) regarding the new album. There will be some surprises (which shall remain mysteries for now, they're so mysterious even I don't know what they are). Return of the Necrowizard is nearly done, and when it is he will send me an inverted song off the new album (and I will post it here), probably the song "Return of the Necrowizard", which is the best so far apparently. Also I'll be having my shirt & Anal Cunt CD sent to me within a week, I'll be so scary that people will pass out just from looking it my general direction. Also, was updated a few days ago and will be updated again pretty soon, with mp3s from various Seth Putnam bands (not INM by the look of it).

Tuesday, 20th May 2003
This is nothing really big, but I made it so when you view this webpage with a forlorned resolution (anything below 1024x768) the left frame has a scroll bar so you can get to the guestbook.

Tuesday, 20th May 2003
I got an email from Josh today, and there are definitely no grim tabs available for Impaled Northern Moonforest songs (alas). He said this: "Sorry but there are no INM tabs. Obviously that would be impossible. Even if I could tab the songs out, the evilness of the riffs would cause the paper to crumble into the very depths of Hell."

Sunday, 18th May 2003
Here is a grim email I sent to Seth the other day, trying to get more info about Return Of The Necrowizard:

Click here to read

It looks like you'll just have to "stay tuned" if you want more info on Return of the Necrowizard! I'm considering putting a forum on this site, if you think this is a good idea (or a bad idea) please email me at, or say what you think in the guestbook.

Sunday, 11th May 2003
I've just gotten the most blasphemously abominably inverted set of necrorumours so far!! They're so grim and frostbitten that I'm shivering just thinking about them! It looks like Impaled Northern Moonforest will once again decend upon the grim and frostbitten state of Colorado again this halloween to perform some inverted necroanthems! Here's the most blasphemous bit: this show will probably be the record release show for the long awaited follow up to the Self Titled 7", "Return of the Necrowizard"!!!!!!!!! " ('Return of the necrowizard' will be very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very scary", writes Seth.) Perhaps I'll get some copies and give them away for a future competition!

Also Seth has some photos of Impaled Northern Moonforest live (live in a necro-inverted deathly manner of course) which he'll try to get to me, and I have a photo of Lee from MTS wearing a very scary Impaled Northern Moonforest T-Shirt, and Seth wearing a very inverted pair of short-shorts, which I will get up soon.

Note: The title of the first album is NOT "Burn In Hell" or "Flames Of Hell", it IS "Impaled Northern Moonforest". Seth wrote "flames of hell" to point out how scary the flames were.

Thursday, 1st May 2003
Here's a blasphemously abominable bit of news that should be cool if it goes ahead - I'm thinking of having competitions of some sort, probably involving new or old INM song titles (drawing a new "character" like the Necroyeti or something like that). The entries would be judged by Seth and the winner would win something inverted, like a hand-drawn (by Seth) Impaled Northern Moonforest T-shirt or some posters or other INM merchandise. We're still thinking about what the competition(s) would involve, and when everything is decided I'll post another update here. Also, it has been confirmed that Impaled Northern Moonforest will be playing at the grim summertime conert in New Jersey! When I receive the details of the concert I'll post them here.

I just realised today that all the dates in the news section of my site had 2002 as the year instead of 2003. How dumb. Also, thanks to some guy who emailed me, all Impaled Northern Moonforest songs are available for download. If you come to this site please sign the guestbook, it gives me an idea of how many people come to this site.

Friday, 25th April 2003 (Part II)
Here's a blasphemous and inverted necrorumour straight from the necrohorses necromouth! (From Seth)

impaled northern moonforest might be playing a rare summertime (thus, being only grim, not frostbitten) concert in the grim and stenchridden state of new jersey, with black witchery, abazagorath (!!!!!!), and some other bands who i never heard of. i'll know if we will be showing these poser black metal bands what true norwegian black metal from somerville is all about in the next couple days, it depends on what josh martin's grim and clockpunching work schedule is.

Friday, 25th April 2003
Seth of Impaled Northern Moonforest recently visited this site and was so blown away that he offered to send me a free INM T-shirt and a very scary picture of a necrowizard for this site! Also, I'll hopefully be getting hold of some INM posters with stuff drawn by Seth from the song titles. Also, I've added Josh Martin's email address in the "contact" section. In other news, I've contacted the band Abazagorath to ask them where they got their name from and if they've heard of Impaled Northern Moonforest. I emailed them a few days ago and so far there has been no response.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you have a copy of the very first Impaled Northern Moonforest demo (a copy or two were sold at the first INM shows) with completely different song titles to the ones on the self titled album, you should contact Seth Putnam.

Tuesday, 22nd April 2003
Welcome to this grim and frostbitten website. There is much to see and hear.Here is some blasphemous news. Impaled Northern Moonforest were going to recordanother album (another 7'' called "Return of the Necrowizard").However, Seth of Impaled Northern Moonforest has recently sworn off ever makingmusic again. This may not mean anything though, because his other band (AnalCunt) broke up a couple of years ago but plans were then made for two newalbums, a DVD and a tour (bad experiences with making these swore him offmusic).. When I emailed him about making a new album he said that he doesn'tknow what is happening with Impaled Northern Moonforest, and it's not thebiggest priority in his life at the moment. If "Return Of The Necrowizard"does go ahead it will be released as a 7'' (vinyl), with both albums beingreleased on a single CD later on in the piece.