Fans' productions. If you have anything (pictures, mp3s, anything) that you have created with Impaled Northern Moonforest in mind, drop Richard a line in the forums.

3 January 2007:  Please note, this Fan Stuff page was taken from an ancient cache, the runes of which did not include the extremely grim link to the flash video of The Return Of The Necrowizard.  There were very, very, very, very, very, very, blasphemous hailings to the creators of the necro-apexic opus which I can not remember, when it was added to this page.  Because this is where it belongs, I will place the link to the current location until we get it uploaded here proper.  Without further adieu -- The greatest flash video ever made:

 !!!!!!Return of the Necrowizard!!!!!!

Also, the following links to music may not work.  We will fix this later, if that is the case:

Necro Satanic Kvlt Lord - The Grim And Frostbitten Necrowizard's Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Evil Necrospell of Necroyeti Summoning (853 Kb) - A fully scary ensemble of blasphemous cacophony submitted by Kommando Grimville 666

Inverted Stargard - Noise To Die From (1.18 Mb) - Inverted and blasphemous one stringed abomination submitted by InternalUnholyNapalmRain

Here are some pictures of a T-shirt Seth sent the original webmaster. Warning: One of the T-shirts has a picture of the Necrowizard on it! If you're not totally grim you will probably die a swift, warm death.

15 February 2007:  T-shirt back:

This little number was put together by forum regular Stab-Me-Til-I-Cum. It's very scary!

Here's another one from Stab-Me

These tshirt designs were designed by forum dweller GrimAndFrostbitten. They're very scary.