- Official website of Impaled Northern Mooonforest singer

Menace To Sobriety Records - One time label of Impaled Northern Moonforest

Nocturnal Blasphemy - the (*former, i.e., pre-Southern betrayal) webmasters dumb [sic] band

Abazagorath - Some poser band who *obviously* stole their name from Impaled Northern Moonforest - The host of this site. There's nothing oof real interest here but I feel compelled to link to it anyway

Grim Records - The grimmest record label ever - the only one grim enough to handle the INM tribute album.

*3 April, 2007: I've decided to add new links here, while leaving the original text (above) as is. I greyed-out the text on necro-blasted, nonexistent sites that will never return, for the Necrowizard with his very vile and horrible wisdom inverted them satanically and very, very, very eternally for their lukewarm betrayal. (z.B. was the old host for the INM site).

Impaled Northern Moonforest on myspace - Yes, aka gayspace, however blaspheming acolytes have learned that frostbitten ways not only shield the gayness but allow necroxploitation for ABM propaganda! Hail! Be Grim! The Necrowizard will invert this proto-borg when Planet Norway reaches the event horizon! Hail the Necrowizard!

Impaled Northern Moonforest fan group on facebook - facebook will be simultaneously inverted by the Necrowizard, along with the proto-borg. Till then, we continue to also use facebook as a tool for necro-paganda. - a new link in Norway... or is it Tirgu Mures, Romania?  location is not important: Hail ABM!